Kadra nauczycielska

Anishley Planas Gonzalez
Anishley Planas Gonzalez Nauczyciel języka hiszpańskiego Native Speaker

I have a degree in Art with a pedagogical profile from the University of the Arts (ISA) in Havana, Cuba; In the Polish educational system my career is defined as a Master’s degree with pedagogical profile; the main theme of my thesis focused on the obstacles to the creative and intellectual development of the student. I have two specializations related to the race, one in ballet and another in character dances (ISA).

As complementary studies I studied at the Cervantes Institute in Warsaw Module A “Teaching the Spanish language in foreign children”.
I acquired professional experience exercising my teaching studies in kindergarten, primary schools and in the university, in Cuba and Poland.
I enjoy my profession and try beyond teaching a subject, inspiring those little minds full of energy and creativity ready to shine someday, somewhere. Inspiring knowledge and flexibility for other cultures in the world is something I admire and enjoy.

In private, I adore and enjoy spending time with my little baby, visiting my family, reading about art and traveling and discovering with my baby, new ways of smiling and being happy.