Thomas Connerney
Thomas Connerney IGCSE coordinator

My name is Tom Connerney and I am an English teacher from Ireland. I am a graduate of SWPS University Warsaw with a degree in English Philology. I also have a CELTA qualification from The English Academy, Dublin, Ireland.
I gained my experience in Poland teaching in private schools in Warsaw, elementary school students as well as working with young adults. I also have many years’ experience with young learners as I have been teaching kindergarten kids for the last five years. I am a father to two bi-lingual children so I am aware of problem areas that can occur in children’s acquisition of English.
I became a teacher because I believe in helping, guiding, inspiring and influencing people of all ages to be the best versions of themselves that they can be especially when it comes to their use of the English language.
The most important thing for me when working with children is their enjoyment in learning new things and discovering their own abilities in English and their joy when they realise that they can understand and use it outside the classroom .
My passion is cooking and when I am not teaching or planning lessons then you can find me in my kitchen. As well as cooking, I enjoy gardening especially growing my own fruit and vegetables in my garden. I am friendly, empathic, fun loving and determined.